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With a collective production order several different assemblies can be combined into one work order. This simplifies and shortens the creation of work orders, the cost analysis is restricted to the complete work order.


Conditions for merging

The structure of the work sequences must be the same, the work sequence numbers with the appropriate resources must match. Job times may differ. These are summed as fixed times (time per=0 ) and entered.  As setup time ,the largest set-up time of all assemblies is used. The phantom assemblies can be used.

Routing position numbers need to be unique, because they are not re-numbered. Position numbers in operation sequences of sub-assemblies may not overlap with the position numbers of the superordinate assembly. If this happens, existing entries are overwritten and times are summed up.


The production order is created here as follows:

First position: In the first assembly position no assembly is stored, but all the accumulated work sequences and bills of material items. All time receipt and material reports are submitted to this position.

Following positions: Each item, which was chosen for the collective work order is inserted as a separate item. These assemblies have no BOM items and no routing. To these position the postings of the assemblies are made.



Assembly 1:

Pos 10                1x C001
Pos 20                2x C002
Op. sequ. 10                Resource 1000                10 mins setup time, 5 mins job time

Op. sequ. 20                Resource 2000                5 mins setup time, 1 min job time


Assembly 2:

Pos 10                1x C001
Pos 20                1x C003
Op.sequ. 10                Resource 1000                15 mins setup time, 10 mins job time


After merging there are the following positions:

Document-Pos 10:        Collective order with BOM and routing

Document-Pos 20:        Assembly 1 without BOM and routing

Document-Pos 30:        Assembly 2 without BOM and routing


Document-Pos 10 – Collective order – has the following BOM

Pos 10                2x C001
Pos 20                2x C002

Pos 30                1x C003

Op.sequ  10                Resource 1000                15 mins setup time, 15 mins job time (entered fix)

Op.sequ. 20                Resource 2000                 5 mins setup time, 1 min job time



1. In retrospect it is not possible to identify what costs are incurred for which assembly. A post-calculation is possible only for the complete work order. "Like manual posting" needs to be selected as valuation method.

see tip

2. The collective production function is only available when evaluation is performed at standard price or price list. If for evaluation some kind of "evaluation price" (post calculation price) is set, this function will be hidden. The production lot size is not taken into account.

3. Batch or serial number tracing is possible only to a limited extend.



If in Configuration wizard Production Valuation and posting of assembly Valuation anything else than "like manual posting" was set up, a special production type is required for this work order, as any other valuation method is not supported. See Administration Definition Production Production type Valuation



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