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PATH: Human Resources > Master data > Period rule > "Edit"/"New" > Period rule XXX > "Extended" tab.



Don't clock breaks automatically

Breaks can be defined in the regular working hours. Normally, they are automatically deducted from the presence. This switch can be activated if this is not desired

Login only during flextime

If this switch is active, the employee can only logon and logoff during the flextime defined in the regular work hours. Logon/logoff is not possible outside of these times. The employee must then report to the supervisor.

In case of logoff, the following error message appears:

"(bde:abmeldng4): You logged off outside of flextime (...)" or as short message.

"Outside flextime".

See App "Leaving".

Public holiday


If active, a public holiday will be treated as a normal workday, as long as it is not Saturday or Sunday.


A public holiday in the factory calendar will be defined by setting availability to < 100%.


beas 9.2 PL: 01 BEAS_STUNDENREGEL.HolidayWorkDay (1/0)


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Color for that entry.

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