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In shift schedule for resources you can enter the planned start and end time for the resource, and determine the available capacity.

The shift can be stored in a resource under the planning tab.

PATH: Administration > Setup > Production > Resources Shift schedule.


You can edit an existing shift, or add a new one with the help of the right-click menu or the controls below:


Window basis_resource_layerplan_browse.psr


The following information can be added/modified in the Shift editing window:


Window basis_resource_layerplan_edit.psr





Shift ID.


Description of the shift.


Selected factory calendar to be used as reference. The button_menucreatebutton opens the factory calendar.

Day template

You can deposite a day template with separate capacities per each line.

Shift Start/End

hmtoggle_plus1 Start and End of shift

Planned capacity is calculated as follows


 Planned capacity as set in resource

* %-value as per shift calendar

* number of persons per resource

* %-value as per shift calendar

* %-value as per factory calendar


If the calculated planned capacity is bigger than the time between shift start and shift end, it is reduced to this value.



Shift from 10 to 16
Calculated capacity = 8 hours
Calculated capacity will be reduced to 6 hours in this case.


Additional dependencies:

- Resource calendar

- APS – calculation settings



The planned capacity will be adjusted accordingly to the maximum available time if the time period between shift start and shift end is not longer than the planned capacity in hrs/day. If the time period is longer, it has no effect on the planned capacity, because breaks will be considered to be included.


Note: Working over midnight

It is not possible to define a shift over midnight.

Planned capacity hrs/day %

If capacity not 100%, beas ignores Shift Start / Shift End, because the calculation method is changed to

Planned Capacity /hour : 100 * Planned capacity hrs/day%



The calculated Start is at 12 o´clock - (planned capacity in hours : 2)

The calculated End is 12 o´clock + (planned capacity in hours : 2)


Backward scheduling considers only the end date

Forward scheduling considers only the start date




If you define a shift from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM you have a capacity of 8 hr. If you reduce the capacity to 75% your effective time is 6 hrs.

beas overwrites Start/End with 12 AM +/ (6 : 2) hour

calculated start time = 9 AM
calculated end time =  3 PM

Number of machines / Pers%

With this value the number of machines / employees is multiplied




Resource – Planned capacity

Factory calendar


Compress and Expand

Configuration wizard – Production – Capacity scheduling – End date

Capacity planning




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