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In the regular hours, a shift definition and period rule  can be deposited

The shift rules applied here are used when no manual shift scheduling is done through the shift schedule.

The shift rules depends on the set type. Following settings are also dependent:


Shift model tab

Available rules



For period from ... to

Period of validity.

Standard type

Rule type stored in Editing window.

Hourly rule

Hourly rule to be used.


Use Account planning to determine, in which period to write times to which account. 2 accounts are available.


PATH: Human Resources > Personnel > "Edit" an entry. > Personnel administration XXX > Shift model tab > button "Edit"/"New".


window: bde_personal_rglarbzeiten, bde_personal_rglarbzeitendetail, bde_personal_rglarbzeitenwochenplan, bde_personal_rglarbzeitenschicht


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