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QC-inspection plan

 Edit QC-inspection plan

         Master data                Basis information, Release, Rules
         Parallel                Determines parallel QC-inspection plans
         Release                Release rules, Work flow for blockage
         Rule                Rules for registration, applying for measurement positions

         Execution        Script

Measurement positions        Definition of measurement positions

Attachments                Store up to 3 images

Documents                Attachments, Documents, Texts to be transferred to the QC order


PATH: Production > Quality control > QC inspection plan > "Edit" an entry.


Window qs_qsartikelhaupt_edit.psr





QC-inspection plan

Unique ID for inspection plan, not changeable subsequently.


If in item - QC no link to an inspection plan was stored, the item number can be entered here. In this case the QC inspection plan will be linked directly to the item.


Description of QC inspection plan.


Scrap reasons and valuation reasons can also be assigned to a group. If a group was created, only matching entries are displayed.

See Blockage reasons.


A new group can be entered. All previously entered groups are selectable.

Copy from

Field is available for new creation only. An inspection plan can be selected from which measurement positions are used. This way a template for new inspection plans can be created without need to copy the complete inspection plan.







Create new QC inspection plan.


Deletion is not possible, if the inspection plan is stored in an operation catalog, routing, item link or work order.


See routing


Copy the QC inspection plan.


If a QC-order is created for one inspection plan,  a parallel QC-order will be created for the second inspection plan. This can be used, if several employees are working on quality control tasks.


Note: QC-order can be released only after all parallel QC-inspection plans have been released.



All measurement positions are deleted and inserted new. All open quality control orders without measurement results are affected.

Possible manual changes made directly in the QC order will be deleted.



The button opens the Cross Reference for Work Center window.


Help URL:http://www.beascloud.net/docs/help/online_eng/index.html?qc-master.htm