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Use the Product configurator to configure products in different stages of the business processes. The configurator allows you to generate item, routing, and bill of materials variants easily. Unlike variants, you have the option of forming an infinite number of configurations.


You can enter important parameters that characterize a product when creating a customer order or customer quote, so that variants of the products can be defined in Sales already. The product configurator provides a convenient visual interface for this purpose.

Taking the example of configuration for a sofa: If a customer order for such a sofa is created, you can open the configurator from within the order. Now, you can make product-specific adjustments, such as the size or cover fabric of the sofa. This defined characteristic of the “sofa” item is called a variant.


You can then generate multilevel work orders directly from a variant, customizing the bill of materials and the routing according to the specifications from the variant – e.g. by including the selected cover fabric in the BOM. You can also calculate an existing variant.


hmtoggle_plus1Start configurator

The configurator is available in two variants:

- WEB variant

- Beas / SAP Business integrated variant



Window artikel_produktkonfigurator.psr


It is possible to call up the configurator from a Sales Quotation or Sales Order. You can select an item in which a configuration is stored and define data on master level (see image below: Item master Extended: xxx).
After selecting the customer and the item of the SQ or SO, you can call up the configurator by:
right-click on the item > "Configuration: New". See image below.


- optional: create Precalculation

- optional: transfer price directly



Window beasgui_sbo.psr






Quotation, Sales order



A WEB variant is available which can be integrated in own WEB-sides or WEB shop-solutions.



Directly available via

Tools - WEB Server -> Demo Shop Solution

Integrated in Magento

Any integration in WEB sides

hmtoggle_plus1Order related production

The system can also access Formulas, Tables, Variables or scripts that were created in the Variant generator . You can use these references to control variant-dependent BOM quantities or add or remove BOM positions.

An example here would be a sofa produced in different lengths.

The quantity of the cover fabric depends on the length of the sofa. The beas product configurator now allows you to calculate the required material based on the length of the sofa. To do this, store a formula for its calculation with the quantity in the bill of materials of the cover fabric. The length - if so defined - can now be used at all levels of the BOM breakdown, so that e.g. the quantity of screws can be calculated depending on the length.

You can also modify operations to determine dependent machines or calculate times.

Another important flag for modifying BOMs is the "Active" flag. You can also store formulas here that can then deactivate or activate entire BOM positions with the result "Y " or "N". For the sofa, for example, the sofa cover to be ordered could be selected depending on the color.


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Configurator definition

Configuration (integrated)

Configurator (Web solution)

Magento Plugin


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hmtoggle_plus1 Calculation of item variants during the sales process

You can perform a calculation for a line, according to its variant, from a quote or order in SAP Business One The calculation is always performed for the line where the cursor is positioned. Parameters not defined in the variant are queried explicitly during the BOM breakdown. A calculation structure modified according to the parameters is created. The result is usually displayed to Beas in the calculation window. You can also convert it into a work order.

hmtoggle_plus1Production of customer order-based variants

Use the Beas function "Customer order for work order" function to generate a work order for a customer order line. This transaction considers the corresponding variant. In other words, the parameters are evalued during the breakdown according to their occurrences. An order structure matching the variant is created. Parameters not predefined are queried during the BOM breakdown.

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