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Bill of materials:

If you double-click on a BOM position in the Bill of Materials area in the item master data sheet, a processing window for that BOM position opens. A formula or product configurator variable (variant) etc. can be stored for all properties of the BOM position (except field "Position") identified by the symbol to the left of the input fields.



The symbol can be displayed by right-clicking in a free area of the processing window

(Display formula fields).


Double-clicking on the symbol in front of the input field will open a window containing the type and name (value) of the allocation:


PATH: Item master data for XXX > Bill of Materials tab > "Edit" a BOM position > double-click symbol > right-click "Type" field.


Window artikel_caft_zuordnung.psr


Available formula (source) types:




Reference to a formula from the Variant Generator area. see Formulas.


Reference to a table from the Variant Generator area. see Tables.


Reference to a parameter or “set”-object from the variant of a product configuration.

If there is a parameter in the configuration structure that calculates the quantity of screws required for a sofa, the value of the parameter can be accessed here.

Field from item

Reference to an item property, i.e. information stored in the item master, e.g. length, width, drawing no., etc.  (for current item).


Reference to information stored in the customer order.

Order line

Reference to information stored in the order line.


Manual input is required for this field (e.g. quantity) during evaluation of the Bill of materials.


Reference to a script stored in the variant generator (e.g. for evaluation the order position, material quantity, etc.). see beas-Script.


For each BOM position you can input, for example, the quantity depending on the specifications entered in the variant using the references described in the above table. For example, if the quantity of the cover fabric is calculated in the product configurator depending on the size of the sofa - e.g. using a “set” object material_quantity, that contains the corresponding value, a reference to this “set” object can be defined for the quantity field of the BOM position. This value is then copied to the BOM position field when calculating the bill of materials.


The same procedure is possible for the item field of a BOM position - items on a bill of materials can be exchanged in this way. For example, if there is a parameter cover fabric, in the configuration structure that can accept the values MatRed and MatBlue from a reference for the item field of the BOM position (where MatRed and Matgreen is replaced by MatBlue must be existing item numbers).



The procedure for working with references can be used for all properties

of a BOM position or operation that have the symbol.




As in the customization of BOM positions, routing positions can also be customized by storing references to the variant.


Customizing the routing description

In addition, in the operation description, additional information on the BOM, or item, information from a formula or variant can also be stored in the description of a routing.

Placeholders can be inserted into routing descriptions for this purpose. These placeholders begin with < and end with >. All variables as well as separate formulas, tables, types of origin, etc. can be inserted.


The origin itself is defined in the placeholder using origin type and ":".

The type "Script" is used if the type of origin is not specified.





Origin is a formula, e.g. <f:MyFormula>


Origin is a table, e.g.. <t:tab4711>


From assembly – item master:

e.g. <i:itemname> =  Item name


Variable which can be defined as necessary:

e.g. <v:var0815>


Beas-script. Can be defined as a type of origin definition,


<c:e_belnr_id> Document number from work order,

<c:e_aplatz_id> = resource ID of the routing position


Parameter from a variant. <p:so_sofa_length>


hmtoggle_plus1Example of an operation description.

<c:e_quantity> * Cutting to size according to drawing number <i:u_dnr>

Color: <v:u_color>, length: <v:length>, width: <v:width>




e_quantity:        e.g. from beas Script the value "5" gives

u_dnr:                Drawing number, e.g. "ZN 078 12345"

u_color:                e.g. red

length:                e.g. 20

width:                e.g. 10


the following information results in the field "Description":


5 * Cutting to size according to drawing number ZN 078 12345

Color: red, length: 20, width: 10

Help URL:http://www.beascloud.net/docs/help/online_eng/index.html?mit_formel__tabellen__variable.htm