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External production is ordered as a service item by default: Purchase Order with service item.

If additional material is needed for the external production order: Purchase Order with service item and provision.



An external production is worked off in the following steps:



Create service items, set up warehouse, operation and resource. Create external operation, assign suppliers and items.

Pricing is indicated in the configuration wizard.

Work Order is created.

Purchase Order is created.

Incoming Goods are posted.

Provision parts are posted.


The following procedure is not recommended: Purchase Order as a Service Order. This is available only for compatibility Reasons.


hmtoggle_plus1  Time reservation and lead time

"Type"  has to be deactivated in operation if a calculation of the lead time is required for external production.


Window basis_agtyp_edit.psr


The tab "Standard" is now available in operation to enter time information.


An external work order can also reserve times on its stored resource. All calculations are made exactly as with a normal routing position.

Note: An external production does not normally have a resource limit. To deactivate observation of resource limits, go to "Observe resource limits" in the resource.


Pure lead times (the time from purchase order to delivery) can be specified as follows:


With consideration of the factory calendar:

Mach+labor time (if quantity-dependent) or setup time (not quantity-dependent)

Specification in hours. To specify in days:

Open the corresponding resource

Specify the planned capacity / day = 1 hour

Now 1 hour in the external operation sequence corresponds to a day.


Without consideration of the factory calendar:

If you do not want to consider the factory calendar, the lead time is specified in idle time (in hours).

24 hours correspond to one day.


The calculated end date is the to be awaited delivery date for the external production - delivery. The planned delivery date can be considered at a forward scheduling.


APS Calculation Types external production

Collective Purchase Order - Delivery date



see Pricing and transport costs

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