Terminal Desktop and WEB APP

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Factory data capture provides an overview on all work orders which is always up to date, a simple reporting of work order times, statuses and quantities.


Data can be registered via WEB and PC. Functions are made available in "Apps" summarized in the program group "Terminal".

Apps can be grouped individually, extended and adjusted.


Terminal variants

Beas supports variable Terminal-Variants.

Client-Server based



As separate application (beas in terminal mode) on PC-terminals (e.g. touch screen terminals)


see Client-Server-based

The terminal can be started from the SAP Business One-environment as a separate application and also as standalone. see call-up parameters

No user account needed.

Logon using personnel card number. Each employee can be assigned to an authorization group, in which the functions available for him are defined. Authorizations groups are stored personnel master data

The solution uses the application "Terminal" and displays apps, which have been released for the respective employee.


Apps can be distributed simply via copy&paste.


Beas has two variants for Terminal web apps. The latest version is currently in design; information to be updated soon.


All Terminal features as WEB-applications are available on Touch-Screen-Terminals, Pad’s or mobile devices


Simple connecting, low network load and high stability

Very low hardware requirements

Low license costs

No installation required

Globally available

The solution uses the application "Terminal" and displays apps which have been released for the respective employee.

See WEB APPS Version 2.1


Beas supports many different interfaces and several objects for registering attendance and order times.

Available interfaces:

- Text-file based (e.g. CSV)

- WEB-service
- Windows-events

- Beas-common (Database Interface)

- Beas service layer (ODATA Service)

Please contact our support. http://www.beas-support.com/supportsuite/




Program group administration


Following additional licenses are required for these apps.


License management


Help URL:http://www.beascloud.net/docs/help/online_eng/index.html?betriebsdatenerfassung.htm