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Batch calculation (precalculation)                

 Batch calculation overview

         Edit Batch calculation

                 Selection tab

                 In-house production

                 Purchased items

                 Extended tab


Editing window for batch calculation. All settings are found in the Master data tab. Results are provided in the results tab.


PATH: Inventory > Inventory transactions > Batch calculation > double-click/Edit an entry in the list.


Window: pk_batchkalk_edit





Unique number of the batch calculation definition.


Description of the batch calculation.


Type of calculation.

Valuation: calculated values are used for further valuation, for example in Production > Post-calculation > Standard price or for item price revaluation.

Note: if the option "to standard costs" is active, the option "type=valuation" is mandatory.

Simulation: Only calculation without  using results further.


Comments on this calculation.

Calculate in-house production

If active, the tab "In-house production" will be displayed, and items to be produced in-house will be calculated. Tab is only visible if it is allowed to calculate purchased items.

See Configuration wizard > Calculation > Precalculation > Calculation of purchased items.

Check box can only be deactivated if  purchased items will be calculated.

Calculate purchased items

If active, the tab "Purchased items" will be displayed and the item to be purchased will also be calculated.


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