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For detailed machine planning, it is necessary to determine in an easy way the resource to which a work sequence should be dispatched.


There are different concepts for this:

Multiple machine resources

The easiest and most effective way is to create a resource that maps multiple machines or persons. To do this, you must enter the number of machines in the "Machines/Persons" column in the resource, e.g. 4 if there are 4 machines in this group.

Advantage: The APS automatically distributes resources between the 4 machines.

Disadvantage: Detailed planning is not possible in this way (to which machine exactly). However, it should be examined whether this option would be beneficial.

Alternative Resources

Alternative resources will be defined in the operations. It is possible to define item specific alternative resources, or to indicate separate lead time, if these differ from resource to resource.

An automatic optimization is also possible.

Advantage: You can specify exactly which machine is to be used and which throughput time it has.

Disadvantage: This entails a great deal of effort and only makes sense in very specific circumstances.

For more, see Alternative resources.

Resource Groups

In Master Data / Resources, a resource group is created and the individual machines are then stored. In the resource group, you must insert a resource type "Group" and store this in turn in the routing sequences, i.e. dispatching is performed to a group, not to a machine/person.

You only actually specify which machine processes this work sequence during planning.

Advantage: Accurate planning is possible at machine/person level.

Disadvantage: This accurate planning takes up time on the user side and is not always advantageous.



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