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List of planned absence types.


PATH: Human Resources > Personnel > "Edit" an entry. > Personnel administration XXX > Absence tab.




From - To

Date and duration of absence.


Assigned picture, if stored.


Absence reason.


Description of absence reason.

Wage type 1

First selected wage type for this absence entry.

Wage type 1 description

Description of wage type.

Wage type %

Factor by which the registered hours are multiplied and charged to the wage type 1 account.

Wage type 2 / description / %

Second selected wage type for this entry. See above.

Day off

If enabled, days are considered as leisure time. see Absence types.


From predefined absence types for a given date absences can be entered. Selecting an absence type, the settings from Absence types master data are used, but they can be changed here for the  respective date.

Edit the entries in the Edit absence window.


see Absence Types


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