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The goal of the tutorials is to provide a process based overview of the Beas manufacturing solution. Each chapter contains a tutorial that focuses on one area.

During each process only the relevant and most important fields are described. A full field description exist in the Beas onlinle help, that is also available from the sofware.

The following are the currently available and planned tutorials:

hmtoggle_plus1Beas Setup

Beas Setup

Tutorial 8.0

Item Structure

Tutorial 8.1

Items - Overview

Tutorial 8.2

Items - UoM

Tutorial 8.3

Items - Breakdown

Tutorial 8.4


Tutorial 8.5


Tutorial 8.7

Process Mfg - Routing

Tutorial 8.9

Process Mfg - BOM / Recipe

Tutorial 8.10


Tutorial 8.11

Personnel Master Data & Terminal

Tutorial 8.12

Basic Calculation Schema

Tutorial 8.13

Data Check

Tutorial 8.14

Cost elements

Tutorial 8.15

MRP Basic Setup

Tutorial 8.16

APS: Setup Scenario

Tutorial 8.17

APS: Calculation Types

Tutorial 8.18

Quality Control: Create a QC plan

Tutorial 8.19

Beas Integration Hub: Data Migration

Tutorial 8.20

B1UP Button

Tutorial 8.21

Item Placement Tool

Tutorial 8.22


Tutorial 8.23


Tutorial 8.24


Tutorial 8.25

B1UP Validation System

Tutorial 8.26

SQL Editor

Tutorial 8.27

Beas Script Assistant

Tutorial 8.5.1

Appendix - Interruptions

Tutorial 8.5.2

Appendix - Maintenance tab

Tutorial 8.6.1

Appendix - Operation Types

hmtoggle_plus1Using Beas

Using Beas

Tutorial 9.1

Work Order: How to create a work order

Tutorial 9.2

Work Order: Management

Tutorial 9.3

Materials Issues

Tutorial 9.4

Production Receipts

Tutorial 9.5

Time Receipts

Tutorial 9.6

Terminal: Time Receipts

Tutorial 9.7

Terminal: Material Transactions

Tutorial 9.8

Terminal: Interruptions

Tutorial 9.9

Quality Control: Operate QC Orders

Tutorial 9.10

Work Order: Adjustments and Cancellations

Tutorial 9.11

APS: Usage

Tutorial 9.12

Capacity Planning (Pool structure list, dispatch)

Tutorial 9.13

MRP usage

Tutorial 9.14

Pre Calculation Usage

Tutorial 9.15

Work Order: Overview

Tutorial 9.16

Work Order: Accounting

Tutorial 9.17

Work Order: Product Costing

hmtoggle_plus1Using Advanced Beas Functions

Using Advanced Beas Functions

Tutorial 11.1

Complaints module

Tutorial 11.3

System tools: Beas Services

Tutorial 11.4

System tools: Templates

Tutorial 11.5

System tools: Addon Administration

Tutorial 11.6

System tools: General Functions

Tutorial 11.7

Bin Locations: Setup

Tutorial 11.8

Bin Locations: Usage

Tutorial 11.9

Inventory counting

Tutorial 11.10

Advanced Calculation Schema

Tutorial 11.11

Cost elements

Tutorial 11.12

Post Calculation

Tutorial 11.13

Batch pre calculation

Tutorial 11.14

Batch post calculation

Tutorial 11.15

Precalculation at the sales order

Tutorial 11.16

Traceability Report

Tutorial 11.17

Reservation system

Tutorial 11.18

Allocation system

Tutorial 11.19

Link Work Orders / Sales Orders (Prereservation)

Tutorial 11.20

External manufacturing: Setup

Tutorial 11.21

External manufacturing: Usage

Tutorial 11.22

Version control: Setup

Tutorial 11.23

Version control: Usage

Tutorial 11.24

Beas script: Basic

Tutorial 11.25

Beas script: Advanced for Developers

Tutorial 11.26


Tutorial 11.27


Tutorial 11.28

Terminal (Web app)

Tutorial 11.29

Work Orders: Merge Work Orders

Tutorial 11.30

Work Orders: Work with Negative BOM

Tutorial 11.31

Macros: Layout Setup for Documents

Tutorial 11.32


Tutorial 11.33

Master-Slave Operations

Tutorial 11.34


Tutorial 11.35

Item Structure functions ("right click" options)

hmtoggle_plus1Using Additiona Beas Modules

Using Additiona Beas Modules

Tutorial 12.1


Tutorial 12.2

Business Performance

Tutorial 12.3

Business Performance: Cost absorption

Tutorial 12.4

Project Management

Tutorial 12.5

Product Configurator

Tutorial 12.6

Advanced APS

Tutorial 12.7

Mobile Solution

Tutorial 12.8



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